Autodesk Revit can be identified as a beneficial multidisciplinary building information modelling software that is used to create high quality and well-coordinated designs for building, creation, and construction projects. It is used by our team of experts for the production of complete model-based building designs that are consistent, well-coordinated, and clash free.

Our team prefer Revit over all others of its kind due to its diverse and user-friendly features that allow us to deliver your required tasks exactly according to your desired requirements and standards. It allows us to produce more accurate building and project designs by helping us conveniently update your floor plans, elevations, sections, as well as 3D views. Not only this, but this software allows us to expand our scope of services that we offer by allowing a wider range of tools that have been specialised for many different fields of expertise.

We have over 10 years experience documenting electrical, mechanical, fire and hydraulic layouts. BIM is becoming more mainstream in the marketplace due to its benefits. Some of these benefits are increased construction time, identify and eliminate costly clashes, accurately set out in 3D which allows seamless sections and documentation of tricky/extra detail required for on-site construction.

Our team of experts utilises their skills as well as vast experience in the industry to implement your mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulic designs. BIM & Revit is extremely beneficial for modelling your proposed design. We are able to utilise the software to generate schedules, count quantities, add equipment manufacturers, real time collaboration with other trades

If Bim360 is used we are able to work simultaneously with other trade services and collaborate in real time. All trades on the project can stay on the same page while working in their own domains.