Case Study

Sydney Opera House

Creating Perfect Conditions For Future Generations
Project Details

Project: Sydney Opera House

Drawing Type: Mechanical / HVAC

Software: Revit

BIM 4 Trade ensures ideal climate conditions for state-of-the-art venue, Digital Immersion Hall, Sydney Opera House, augmenting its adaptable infrastructure that will extend its existence beyond the Concert Hall reopening.

Sydney Opera House draws 7.4 million visitors every year and supports over 12,000 jobs, spilling over $1 billion yearly into the Australian economy.

Underpinned with an immaculate HVAC system, the new venue delivers an unforgettable immersive digital experience. The installation of the HVAC system is orientated to provide immaculate air quality, enabling an optimal indoor climate for patrons to engage with the beauty and curvature of the building’s geometry.

BIM 4 Trade facilitated the overall coordination and development of mechanical and HVAC system models, ensuring the project ran smoothly and was clash-free. BIM coordination meetings were conducted between builders and trades to straighten out any conflicts between trades and existing services.

Leading the preservation of an architectural icon, which will be enjoyed for future generations, our team moves forward working with similar projects to come.