Mechanical BIM & Drafting

Mechanical services are one of the most essential fundamental components in the creation as well as completion of any construction project.

Utilising BIM software such as Revit we are able to generate Mechanical/HVAC layouts with your selected equipment. This enables the builder and other contractors to see your layout in 3D. This enables a faster design process which identifies any potential issues and clashes before work begin on site.

Revit is able to cut your ducts to length, number duct pieces and give you accurate heights and dimensions of your ducts. If required COBie and facility management data can also be embedded into mechanical equipment.

Deadlines are a huge part of any building design, the team at BIM 4 Trade are experienced in meeting your tight timeframes. We have years of experience delivering HVAC shop Drawings, Issue for Construction, As Built drawings and resolving clashes through out the design coordination process.