Electrical Drawings

Increasingly complex and sophisticated construction projects require intricate electrical systems, making detailed and easy-to-interpret electrical drawings more important than ever. Optimal use of tools like AutoCad and Revit gives the ability to capture data accurately and communicate As Built, As Executed, or As Installed drawings efficiently to project stakeholders, eliminating the potential for costly mistakes and risks. 

Electrical drawings, also known as wiring diagrams, are one of the most technical drawings included on a project, detailing to electricians and workers, a visual representation of the electrical systems or circuits to be installed or repaired during construction. 

Electrical drawings might include: 

  • Floor plans to demonstrate the locations of electrical systems on different building levels. 
  • A site plan to show the position of a building and possible external wiring. 
  • Wiring diagrams to illustrate the connections and layouts of circuits. 
  • Schedules and other related documents. 

The BIM4Trade Electrical Drawings Advantage 

As experts in a full range of industry design services, including Computer Aided Design (CAD), Building Information Modelling (BIM), MEP Drafting and 3D Modelling services, BIM 4 Trade has been delivering comprehensive, user-friendly electrical drawings on a range of projects for years. 

Whether you need circuit breaker numbers added, or hundreds of data numbers incorporated, we are able to integrate these modifications into to your As Built electrical and data drawings. If you have made design changes along the way, these are also be incorporated into the final drawings we provide. We supply models of electrical systems to place devices, lighting fixtures and electrical equipment, including ladder, tray and containment as well as lighting and electrical fixtures and controls. 

The team at BIM 4 Trade are also able to customize existing electrical drawings or create security drawings for a range of projects. 

  • Our designs include: 
  • Cable Tray 
  • Pathways Data & Voice plans 
  • Comms Rack Layouts 
  • Office Fit-out Layouts 
  • Security Sensors and Addresses 
  • Cabinet Details 
  • Camera positions and Field of View  


As customer standards and project complexities continue to evolve, the ability to provide clean, easy-to-interpret and accurate electrical drawings is crucial for architects, home builders, engineers, general contractors, product manufacturers, retailers and interior designers, no matter the size and scale of the job.

Initial construction software like CAD, enabled users to create mechanical, electrical and plumbing services in 2D drawings. These were basic documents, unable to convey the actual intent of construction. However, with the evolution of BIM tools such as Revit, now builders and clients have access to crucial information straight from the architectural, mechanical, electrical, comms, security, fire & plumbing models. 

BIM4Trade uses tools like Revit to deliver coordinated, reliable and easy-to-interpret model-based building designs and documentation that ensure projects are easy to collaborate on and mistakes and waste are minimized during the construction process. 

No matter the size or scale of your job, BIM4Trade provides quality, reliable electrical drafting solutions on a fast turnaround. Get in touch with us for a quote.