BIM 4 Trade

BIM Fire Protection Modelling

Delivering accurate Revit 3D fire protection models from 2D fire protection designs, critical for your built environment.

BIM Fire Protection Modelling

BIM 4 Trade has been keeping workers and residents safe around the nation, providing evacuation drawings, pathways, as well as room and equipment layouts and plans for wet and dry sprinkler systems to keep your space safe.

We provide responsive modelling systems to various kinds of fire, which detect and alert upon observing the first signals of fire using integrated durable extinguishing strategies. Revit and BIM are hardwired to document your proposed design, adapted to any project specification and code.

The expertise we source in our field has a long history with us as leaders in the industry, providing customers with well-versed master plans for individual aspects of fire safety design and the solutions satisfying visual, practical and statutory requirements of any project.

Safeguard your space for years to come using our unparalleled 2D and 3D fire protection modelling services.