MEP BIM Modelling

Mechanical Systems:


Models of duct systems for the heating and cooling needs of the building, placing air terminals, mechanical equipment and duct routing layouts as well as HVAC plant, chillers, fan coil units, fire dampers, grille and diffuser layouts.


Electrical Systems:


Models of electrical systems (circuits) to place devices, lighting fixtures and electrical equipment, including ladder, tray and containment as well as lighting and electrical fixtures and controls.


Piping Systems:


Models of piping systems by placing hydraulic components and assigning them to drainage, vent, hot or cold water systems to determine the best routing for the piping that connects the system components


Fire Systems:


Models of fire protection and prevention systems, including sprinkler mains and sprinkler distribution as well as prevention equipment such as sensors, detectors and alarms.




Design Stages We Cover:


We provide models for all stages of the MEP design process, including


  • Coordination
  • Approval
  • For Construction
  • As Built.